New Work – week 6/7

So, this group of work belongs to the same project that this post refers to, and had that same sense of being way out of my usual comfort zone.

I’ve never done any ‘live-drawing’ but always been curious about it. Some folk make a career or a business out of it. Sciberia instantly come to mind. Nevertheless, I put my boots on and my lucky scarf and I dived in, armed with a pad of marker paper and my lovely ageing Promarkers.


Stepping out of comfort zone (Week 4)

So it’s the fourth week in to the year (wow, it’s going pretty fast already!). This weeks new piece of work gets a post dedicated to it because it involved stepping outside of my comfort zone.

My work is bright, bouncy, usually quite organic with some real-media brushes thrown in. I don’t enjoy maths and grids and being restrained. So, what did I choose to do when I was approached with a commission based on a data city?