Super-sketcher specialist

Drawing process – doodles from Tiger Tea on Vimeo.

As I grew up with a tendency to sketch on whatever I could get my hands on, I always found it fascinating that other people were so captivated by the drawing process as much as the final outcome. Are they hoping to glean some kind of technique or secret from watching it happen? Or is it like stage magic, watching something enchanting and wondering how it is possible?

Here is basically a digital version of me sitting in a coffee shop, sketching the other patrons or just generally sketching. Wouldn’t it be great if a woolly rhino and a bear walked in to a coffee shop…sounds like the set up for a joke…


New Work – week 8

Week 8 already! Out of 52. A sixth of the way through the year. Am I dwelling on stuff? Of course not! Not me, nope. I’d never do that…

This week’s new work is not polished. They are, however, more refined than my usual Twitter doodles. They are grouped together by theme, as I’m a bit obsessed with local folklore at the moment. It formed a big part in my attempted ACE project but, sadly, that won’t happen now. So I’m doing my best to plough on and get something made anyway :)

The first is based on ‘Jenny Greenteeth’ and myriad other malevolent water spirits, mostly women, who lured people to a watery death. The second is based on the vast number of ‘white lady’ ghost stories in Yorkshire but also includes the unique tale of a ghost mouse. And the third is a concept image for a visual novel game I want to make, about a ‘black dog’ terrorising a village.