Super-sketcher specialist

Drawing process – doodles from Tiger Tea on Vimeo.

As I grew up with a tendency to sketch on whatever I could get my hands on, I always found it fascinating that other people were so captivated by the drawing process as much as the final outcome. Are they hoping to glean some kind of technique or secret from watching it happen? Or is it like stage magic, watching something enchanting and wondering how it is possible?

Here is basically a digital version of me sitting in a coffee shop, sketching the other patrons or just generally sketching. Wouldn’t it be great if a woolly rhino and a bear walked in to a coffee shop…sounds like the set up for a joke…


Making of…a visual novel part 1

You’d be forgiven if you immediately thought a ‘visual novel’ was akin to a graphic novel, something lavishly illustrated accompanied by some text perhaps. I would have thought the same until a few years ago when I started to play more computer games. Yes, it’s a type of computer game.

Visual novels are an interesting part of the computer game family. They’re quite accessible for players, as they often require minimal gameplay, and quite accessible to create, offering those with little programming knowledge an easy way in to creating games. That’s why I’m here.

Via Twitter, I saw a fabulous game artist (@bitmOO) post about NaNoRenO, a game jam focusing on visual novels. After shelving many wonderful plans I had for my ACE application, I plucked out the folklore idea and thought I could turn it in to a visual novel style game. A chance for me to start dabbling in making games. I’m realistic about it all, I doubt I’ll get a whole game finished but I’m aiming to get something working.

So here I am, taking you with me on my game-making mess adventure :)


Memory Palace – V&A Museum

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Installation image of Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace at the V&A
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

I’ll start with an admission that I am perhaps biased in favour of this exhibition concept – I love storytelling, I love exhibition design, and I love anything that transports you in to another world. I want to be immersed in something. Memory Palace offered just that – a walk-in book. A chance to be enveloped by a story, read it, feel it, see it.


Campfire on Wildcat Island

SAB Gallery, Leeds Met University
15 September 2012
I am not ashamed to say it – I am a geek for maps. Well, not entirely…I don’t get giddy over elevations or delirious over grids or anything. I just enjoy looking at, and interpreting, maps. They have a huge history all of their own (which this workshop has inspired me to delve in to at some point) and provide relief to ramblers all across the Yorkshire Dales every day. This workshop’s main focus was fictional maps, although to be honest it covered a broad smattering of other (some very) surreal ideas as well.