BEHOLD! I speak on a video for the FIRST TIME!

Just a teeny insight into geometric birds from Tiger Tea on Vimeo.

Ta-da! I’m no longer a faceless, voiceless entity that everyone hopes is a big cartoon tiger. Instead, I am simply a faceless entity that everyone hopes is a cartoon tiger xD

This video comes off the back of the super-sketcher post, which a lot of people seemed to enjoy. I’ve been meaning to do more ‘geometric animals’, and my ‘making of‘ post about the process didn’t show it from start to finish. So I thought I’d try another video.

I am famously camera shy and the same can be said for voice recording too. I’m not sure how I managed to do this in one go without flailing about, screaming ‘OH MY GOD I SOUND HORRIBLE.’ But I did it. It isn’t the whole process, as the puffin was proving awkward to wrangle into something I was happy with. It’s a nice little introduction though, a little insight in to how I work in vector, creating things from scratch.


Making of…a visual novel part 1

You’d be forgiven if you immediately thought a ‘visual novel’ was akin to a graphic novel, something lavishly illustrated accompanied by some text perhaps. I would have thought the same until a few years ago when I started to play more computer games. Yes, it’s a type of computer game.

Visual novels are an interesting part of the computer game family. They’re quite accessible for players, as they often require minimal gameplay, and quite accessible to create, offering those with little programming knowledge an easy way in to creating games. That’s why I’m here.

Via Twitter, I saw a fabulous game artist (@bitmOO) post about NaNoRenO, a game jam focusing on visual novels. After shelving many wonderful plans I had for my ACE application, I plucked out the folklore idea and thought I could turn it in to a visual novel style game. A chance for me to start dabbling in making games. I’m realistic about it all, I doubt I’ll get a whole game finished but I’m aiming to get something working.

So here I am, taking you with me on my game-making mess adventure :)


Stepping out of comfort zone (Week 4)

So it’s the fourth week in to the year (wow, it’s going pretty fast already!). This weeks new piece of work gets a post dedicated to it because it involved stepping outside of my comfort zone.

My work is bright, bouncy, usually quite organic with some real-media brushes thrown in. I don’t enjoy maths and grids and being restrained. So, what did I choose to do when I was approached with a commission based on a data city?



Making of…a small comic

So, I thought I’d share a few process pics of how I made There’s a Tiger on the Bus. It’s only a small adventure in comic/book-making but it’s a nice first step for me, I had oodles of fun with it, and I’d love to do some more :D I even got a few copies professionally printed and the colours just blew my mind! When I can afford it, I think a pro printer would be a wise investment.

Firstly, I had nothing of this idea written down (which is naughty, I know). It literally came together in my head and I drew it and amended it on the fly. I would not recommend working like this all the time or for bigger projects xD

I started with a really rough sketch. Because I knew I wanted to make a physical version that folded in to a booklet, I laid out guidelines for where the artwork could go. I also wanted nice white borders – fewer problems when it comes to printing. Originally, the little boy was going to narrate the whole encounter, so I made scribbles for text placement.



Animation – giraffe animatic

Animatic – ‘gentle giraffe’ from Tiger Tea on Vimeo.

Okay, so this is a very basic animatic for a more ambitious project than making some ready-made illustrations move across this screen. This is going to be a full animated short (final length to be determined, it’s currently only about 1 min in length but I still need to factor in the speech). Characters will be designed, made to move and (hopefully) speak. It’s a basic concept but I’m not aiming to challenge the animators of legend just yet.

Anyways, this proved so invaluable in getting the timing right. It may even change again once I’ve got voices to the animals but it’s still a great building block. I’ll write a bit more about the storyboarding and character creation process in another post. Until then, enjoy! :D


Animation – ‘gentle giraffe’

Photo 03-08-2015 18 52 17

Here we are! Technically, the first post on the shiny new home for all my (mis)adventures in my illustration and animation practice :D This post is all about an ambitious little project that popped in to my head almost as soon as I started learning After Effects. I probably should go through a crash-course in motion graphics first but…well, I’m impatient.

Meet ‘gentle giraffe.’


Animation – turtle

So, I’ve just started using Studio12 in Leeds Central Library (if you’re under 30, seriously go there – really friendly, really helpful, and you can learn to use all sorts of good stuff).

I’m hoping to learn more about using After Effects for animation (it is apparently a bit more intuitive to use than the likes of Flash). So I thought I’d document some of my process and progress. My first session at Studio12 was an introduction to some basics but I hadn’t brought any prepared artwork or assets, so I was a bit limited.

On my second session, I brought SEA CREATURES! I’m not aiming for dizzying heights of animation here, I’m just aiming to get to grips with After Effects basics to then improve from there.