6 weeks of silence

Okay, I promised it wouldn’t happen again…and it did xD Can I be forgiven? I hope so!

It’s been a busy 6 weeks, in my defense. I’ve not only started a new part-time job as a ‘communications’ type person (it’s a general kind of role, covering social media, blog writing, website design, copywriting, designing visual assets, etc), I’ve also been really busy finishing the Kickstarter comics artwork and juggling several commissions. Oh, almost forgot – I started volunteering at the Leeds Museums too! As a blogger. Write and draw about all the cool items in their collection? How could I resist?

Sadly I’ve not done any new artwork in all this time either but I will try to fix that. Getting used to the new schedule might take a while but I’ll snatch some time for artwork wherever I can :) Excitingly, Microsoft have very kindly sent me a Surface 3 tablet to do more digital artwork on so I’m not tethered to my desk any more :D I’ve also recently started to use Clip Paint Studio, and have just invested in Anime Studio Pro.

Interesting times ahead!