New Work – what happened to weeks 9 and 10?

Oh no! Have I failed one of my year-long goals already? Well, yes and no I suppose. I did post this process video in week 10, and also wrote a lengthy post about planning my first attempt at making a visual novel game in the same week.

But I didn’t *actually* make any new work. I just wrote about stuff and filmed my doodling. So, it was a productive week, just not in the way I wanted it to be xD If I was a better person, I would have done the blog posts AND the new work. This is something I’m trying to improve. I should be a creative powerhouse but I stumble with confidence hurdles sometimes.

On top of that, not that this is an excuse, I spent a few days switching off. I visited family, had a day out, didn’t check social media very much, and even didn’t do much drawing. As I’ve been trying to get some chronic health problems under control, this time out was much needed.

Back to a normal schedule and hopefully lots of new goodies for you this week! :D Thanks for sticking with me <3