New Work – week 6/7

So, this group of work belongs to the same project that this post refers to, and had that same sense of being way out of my usual comfort zone.

I’ve never done any ‘live-drawing’ but always been curious about it. Some folk make a career or a business out of it. Sciberia instantly come to mind. Nevertheless, I put my boots on and my lucky scarf and I dived in, armed with a pad of marker paper and my lovely ageing Promarkers.

Over two intense days, I spoke to a range of people from various small businesses and organisations. I had to interpret their business and their proposal to gain funding/mentoring from IoT UK and DigiCatapult. It was quite an illuminating process, for me and them. Many people I spoke to were initially reserved about what I was doing (and I don’t blame them) but once they saw words turned in to pictures and diagrams they understood why I was there. The power of pictures, that even our ancestors acknowledged, is their simplicity. One picture = a thousand words.

It was great fun and everyone involved were lovely and open-minded. It’s definitely something I’d like to hone a bit further in the future.

The second stage was turning all of the quick sketches into more polished digital illustrations to be used here for a full write-up. This had it’s own set of challenges, namely keeping it consistent with the large illustration made for the event whilst still being true to the original sketches. In a strange way, these felt like my first steps in to data and information graphics. I’ve still got a long way to go yet but as long as I’m having fun with it, I’ll keep doing it.