Stepping out of comfort zone (Week 4)

So it’s the fourth week in to the year (wow, it’s going pretty fast already!). This weeks new piece of work gets a post dedicated to it because it involved stepping outside of my comfort zone.

My work is bright, bouncy, usually quite organic with some real-media brushes thrown in. I don’t enjoy maths and grids and being restrained. So, what did I choose to do when I was approached with a commission based on a data city?


That’s right. Isometric grid. And in (mostly) greyscale no less!

Despite my initial trepidation when setting up the grid, and the frustration as I tried to get my head around making certain shapes in isometric, it actually became quite enjoyable. I find I’m the kind of person that relishes a challenge and can sometimes be really creative with constraints. When I first started doing food doodles in real media, I had only a handful of ink colours and brush pens to use so I had get inventive with colour mixing, overlays, or just straight up limited palette.

Initially, I was going to go back in and round off the edges to make it all feel a bit softer but I grew fond of the chunky square wheels on the bus and minecraftian trees.

The second half to this commission comes in a couple of weeks time, when I’ll be helping at a IoTUK Boost event. Again, something I’ve done little of but I’m excited to try my hand at it and do my best. I’ll be helping groups visualise their services or products at the end of the workshop.