Working process

Inky Doodles – PeopleOfLeeds from Tiger Tea on Vimeo.

A little insight in to my working process, I’ve got two videos for you :) Above are straight-to-paper inky doodles, all based on requests made by folk when I took over the rotation-curation account @PeopleOfLeeds for a week.

Below is a screen recording of another doodle request and shows the sketching process. I would then take this in to Illustrator for flat colours and any edits to the layout, character design, etc. Finally, I’d bring it back in to Photoshop to add details, shading, etc.

Screen-recording – PeopleOfLeeds from Tiger Tea on Vimeo.

Trying to describe to other people what goes through my head when I draw is really difficult. Even I don’t understand it – the messages from head to hand are so quick that I’ll sometimes be pleasantly surprised at what I’ve drawn. And the times when I’m trying to accurately recreate an image in my head, it tends to fall short and can be full of mistakes. I enjoy drawing with pen and ink because it can focus the mind. You’ve got no chance to fix any mistakes so all of the noise gets lost between head and hand. You’re left with a purer result. Someone I used to work with once said it reminded him of meditation.